Keane Law Offices of Seattle - A Force To Deal With

Accidents, Serious Injury & Wrongful Death Litigation

At Keane Law, our personal injury lawyers have successfully handled over 1,000 cases involving personal injury and wrongful death. Attorney Jeff Keane, our founder, is recognized as one of the highest rated personal injury trial lawyers in Seattle, with more than 30 years of experience winning justice for the catastrophically injured, their spouses, their widows and their children. Our clients come to us with stories that need and deserve to be told. Our strength lies in understanding their stories and conveying them persuasively and understandably to juries, judges and opposing parties. To every case, we bring a special blend of skilled listening, thorough preparation and determination, combined with our expertise in Washington State law.

Business Disputes

The trial attorneys at Keane Law represent plaintiffs and defendants in a broad range of business disputes in the greater Seattle area and throughout Washington State. Our representation includes handling matters in federal and state court litigation, arbitration, mediation and on appeal. We have extensive experience representing a wide range of businesses, from large corporations to small, private, local businesses.