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Sexual Abuse and Molestation

Jeff Keane began representing victims of clergy sexual abuse in 1986. After you have suffered the shock, pain, and humiliation of sexual abuse or assault, the thought of recovering financial compensation from your abuser may be the last thing you want to think about. However, you have the right to compensation for both your physical and emotional injuries.

Rape and sexual abuse can happen anywhere, to anyone. The perpetrators can be strangers, acquaintances, family members, or members of helping professions, such as teachers, counselors, coaches, and priests.

There is often a sense of shame that accompanies sexual abuse, which makes its victims hesitant to report these crimes. For the same reason, victims may be hesitant to contact an attorney. The attorneys at Keane Law understand these feelings and offer compassionate and confidential consultations to help victims learn more in order to decide what to do. Contact Keane Law Offices today to discuss your case.